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About Tramac SA

  • The company's commercial objective is to provide and operate diverse products and services based on blockchain technology, ranging from the creation of the Giracoin Blockchain, which supports Smart Contract solutions, to the development of a platform for a free trade area for the entire African Union, as well as a range of products and options that I will specify in more detail later.

  • In this increasingly integrated world, anyone who remains on the sidelines of the global financial market will be out of the running in every sense of the word. In order to solve this problem, Tramac S.A. created the GIRACOIN Blockchain, because the technology that supports it provides a legal, fast and secure solution for the access of a huge portion of people, companies and governments that were on the periphery.

  • In this way, our users will be able to integrate into the global financial world without depending on the rules and schedules of any bank. The access to the market at any time, in turn, offers a freedom and a range of possibilities to the interested parties that was once simply unthinkable and all this through a user-friendly platform.

  • Faced with the arbitrariness of many companies and firms where only a few privileged people have access to the best purchasing options, Tramac S.A. has responded by creating a method of coin extraction that includes all users. In this way, each participant is guaranteed fair access to the purchase, through a transparent and simple mechanism, thus contributing to the company's philosophy for the correct and fair distribution of our blockchain.