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Giracoin connects people worldwide and allows transactions to take place in seconds regardless of borders. Independent of influence by central banks or governments, with complete transparency and security.

Secure and transparent

Mined in accordance with SHA 256 security technology and available to everyone, even without computer experience or English language skills. Our open block chain is 100% transparent, a convincing argument for our system.


Our vison is to connect people around the world and to overcome borders and limits on payment instruments. Global transactions within seconds opens an entirely new world of international opportunities.


Using a combination of Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work procedures, we make direct participation in mining possible for everyone. We use state-of-the-art technology to do so.


Coinciding with the Giracoin launch, we have created as the marketplace where Giracoin can be used as payment. A crypto currency only becomes useful when it is a recognized payment instrument.


Gira Financial Group AG operates from its headquarters in Switzerland, in the heart of Europe - an absolutely safe, secure and neutral country.


Here are all available offers in one location.


For super Starter

pro Package
  • Tokens 500
  • Bonus Level 1
  • Direct Bonus 10%


For super professional

pro Package
  • Tokens 1'200
  • Bonus Level 2
  • Direct Bonus 10%


Our best selling plan

pro Package
  • Tokens 5'500
  • Bonus Level 4
  • Direct Bonus 10%


Only for experts

pro Package
  • Tokens 12'000
  • Bonus Level 6
  • Direct Bonus 10%


You got a strong Team

pro Package
  • Tokens 30'000
  • Bonus Level 8
  • Direct Bonus 10%


You are a Leader

pro Package
  • Tokens 65'000
  • Bonus Level 12
  • Direct Bonus 10%


You got a Vision

pro Package
  • Tokens 100'000
  • Bonus Level 13
  • Direct Bonus 10%


You lead the Leader

pro Package
  • Tokens 150'000
  • Bonus Level 15
  • Direct Bonus 10%

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Girabuy Logo

Girabuy is soon coming to market

Girabuy is the first marketplace that brings traders and Giracoin users together. Beginning in January 2017, it offers Giracoin users the ability to purchase products around the world with Giracoins. It also gives traders a unique opportunity to promote and offer their products on a global scale. Traders can already register at


Here you can find all our videos in a variety of languages, and also have the chance to download our informational brochures.


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Welcome to Giracoin

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Benvenuti a Giracoin

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Bienvenue à Giracoin

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Have a look at our current technical Whitepaper about the Giracoin platform.