The Ambassador Bonus

In our four-part blog series, we’ll introduce you to the different sources of income with Giracoin. Learn how the Direct Bonus, the Level Bonus, the Partner Bonus and the Ambassador Bonus can increase your income. In our final blog post about our affiliate program, we present the Ambassador Bonus.

The Ambassador Bonus is intended for those who see themselves as Giracoin Ambassadors and want to get their turnover to the next level using the Giracoin value chain. You already benefit from Direct Bonus, with the Level Bonus you get turnover deep in your downline and with the Partner Bonus you have built strong teams with whom you mine Giracoins together. Now to get the Ambassador Bonus you build your own Trading Amount volume and support your partner in First and downline in acquiring valuable token packages.

Using the acquired token packages, your partner can now prospect for more Coins and multiply your profits. At the same time you will receive the Ambassador Bonus, graded according to your rank, to help you to achieve further profit. This bonus does not interfere in any way in the participation of our other loyalty programs, but serves as a further incentive to support your team and jointly achieve optimal allocation of your employed resources.

As you know, our intuitive mining technique does not require complex IT infrastructure or large reaching programming skills. Instead, your personal success is in your own hands. We give you revolutionary financial instruments on hand, which operate independently of the global market price collapses and grow exponentially while you motivate yourself and your team and lead to success. As a Giracoin Ambassador you are, together with your friends and colleagues, at the foundation of a legitimate and crisis-proof crypto currency.

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