The Partner Bonus

In our four-part blog series, we’ll introduce you to the different sources of income with Giracoin. Learn how the Direct Bonus, the Level Bonus, the Partner Bonus and the Ambassador Bonus can increase your income. In today’s blog post we present the Partner Bonus.

The Partner Bonus rewards you for the success of your direct partners. Your personal Trading Amount (TA) volume over your time as Giracoin partner will be calculated and added together with the TA volume of your partner network. The Partner Bonus is then set free and gives you percentage bonuses on your joint daily turnover. The higher your combined TA volumes increase, the higher the bonuses. Using the following table and the following example, you’ll see how you can be promoted for the development of your network by our Partner Bonus.

On the first level you will see that a team partner with a Trading Amount of 1,000 Euro triggers a two percent bonus. This means for you that you can earn (by combining it with your own TA volume) up to 200 euros of additional bonus. Note that you have no need for extra effort for the Partner Bonus, this bonus is a passive mechanism that rewards and motivates, without you needing to do any additional work.

Mutual assistance in your downline means that successful teams regularly generate 50,000 euros and more. With a 10-percent Partner Bonus, it is not uncommon that up to 10,000 euros can be earned. To get the Partner Bonus only the one off placement of two Professional Packages in your first line is required.

In the last part of our blog series, you will learn how to become a Giracoin Ambassador and get your finances to the next level through the Ambassador Bonus.

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